Despite all the job applications I sent, I have no job this summer! And having no job means I have lots of time in my hands. It would be a shame if I spent all that time sitting in front of my computer screen doing nothing, right?

That’s why I decided to try taking commissions! Simple, sketchy commissions though, but commissions allright. It’s my first time and I’m not quite sure how to handle this, but I will try. 

In case you are interested, you can send me e-mail or message me on dA. I’m not doing a list of what I’m unable to draw, but if your request is out of my range, I will tell you. 

Prizes listed above. Every extra character +2€/3$. Payment via Paypal, I will give you more info if you commission me :)

(also since most of these will be done traditionally, you have a chance to get the original for yourself- in case you’re willing to pay the shipping, of course! Tho’ I’m not sure how the sketches might like the flight from Finland to other parts of the world…)

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    note to self commission this person because beautiful art forever
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    Check out this great art with awesome prices :D Get yourself some art, people!
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    ahhhh you guys are so sweet! And there’s no rush if you’re planning on commissioning, I’m not planning on closing these...
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    daaammnnn i really want to commission you!! but i dont have any money atm so maybe when i get my paycheck! v w v
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    GUYS LOOK LOOK!! This is my friend and she’s an amazing artist, just look how cheap they are and HOW GREAT THEY LOOK! ~~...
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    go make her lots of gayfull commissions that she has money to buy food for me. and that i can take copies of every...
  12. piccon said: i want A3 watercolored Ginhiji and Kagakuro pictures that i can put them on my wall yes.
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